Light Unshackled Film

Light Unshackled Film

A Documentary on the Protestant Reformation

Light Unshackled is a feature-length, on-location documentary on the Protestant Reformation. It contains stunning footage and powerful stories of the heroes of the Protestant Reformation who shaped the course of history forever. Join presenter Phil Mills, Jr., as we travel through 11 countries to share these inspiring stories. The four episodes were filmed and edited by two teenagers, Andrew & Daniel.

Our goal from the start was to make the entire content freely available on the Internet. While it takes money and effort to make quality programs, our first goal was to share the message of the Reformation freely. You can support our ongoing work.

We are starting Season 2, with the purpose to continue the story of the reformation to our day.

We have several languages as subtitles currently available! Just view the program on YouTube and turn on closed captions. If you would like to help with more languages, please contact us.

Season 1, full length video: